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Vivacious travelers are always looking for a unique experience, and this site is for anyone who has a love for travel and wants to share it. Whether you have a passion for cooking, photography, or authentic travel experiences, you can feed that passion figuratively and literally through Vicarious Travel.  I bring together food, wine, and travel for a casual yet indulgent journey. 


This site, like our own lives, is a constant work in progress. Check back often for new content. But don't wait too long to register! 2017 trips are almost full so reserve your spot now and don't forget to check out the Gallery for photos of past trips.



 Spring of 2017


VicariousTravel's annual spring journey takes you to the northern part of Lazio where it meets the Umbrian and Tuscan borders.  

The family owners of a thousand-year old castle open their doors, offering up charming rooms to lay our heads at night. Formal gardens of lemons trees and boxwoods fill the old fortified walls. Wild natural gardens tumble gently down the terraced hill to the pool, surrounded by ancient cypress and blankets of roses that unfold onto countryside...a little garden of Eden, Italian style.

Savor wine from boutique vineyards, dine in Etruscan caves, and behold the beauty of long forgotten frescos. The leisurely pace of small-group travel is ours to bend and amend as we wish.

  Trip Dates:                                        :                                       

April 27 - May 8  FULL

May 12 – May 22 4 Open Spots

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Click here to see photos from past trips.


Spring of 2017

Is it the Amalfi Coast calling you? Maybe the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside are whispering your name?  Whatever beckons you to spend ten incredible days falling in love with Italian life, now is the time to answer.  

As the leaves begin to turn on the east coast, see how Italy does Autumn. Take a ride along the mesmerizing coastal road that hugs the cliffs. Sip family-made lemoncello under the tree from where the lemons were picked. Stroll through a centuries old vineyard before tasting the wine from its harvest. Travel back to 72 A.D. 
as you wander the streets of Pompeii. Behold the breathtaking wonder of ancient Greek ruins in Paestum, erected as tribute to the gods in 450 B.C. Dine on the Mediterranean Sea in the oldest watch tower on the Amalfi coast


This trip was made for you. Contact me today to make this one dream come to life.   


 Trip Date:                                         :    


 September 13 - 22  

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 Click here to see photos from past trips.